Reference for Writing Online Survey Questions

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Collecting personal information online is a very sensitive issue. Equally important is the way questions are asked when collecting personal information. For example, questions about gender should reflect an attitude of 'respect for diversity,' and questions about disabilities should be included, especially considering the visual nature of online media. Here are some sample questions from corporate online surveys that can serve as references.


Gender questions can include 'Female', 'Male', as well as 'Prefer not to answer', 'Other', 'Non-binary', 'Transgender', etc. Additionally, a text box for 'Describe' can be provided for direct input.


Disability-related questions can include the following options:

  • 'Hearing impaired (severe difficulty in hearing sounds)'
  • 'Visually impaired (severe difficulty seeing even with glasses)'
  • 'Physical, mental, or emotional difficulties'
  • 'Severe difficulty walking or climbing stairs'
  • 'None of the above'
  • 'Prefer not to answer'


Age groups are typically divided into 10-year increments, but more detailed divisions are also used recently. For example:

  • 'Under 19', '20-29', '30-39', '40-49', '50-59', '60-69', '70 and over'
  • 'Under 25', '25-34', '35-44', '45-54', '55-64', '65 and over'
  • 'Prefer not to answer' can also be included.

If including ages under 25:

  • 'Under 16', '16-17', '18-24'

Some surveys ask about student status, with options such as 'Full-time student' and 'Part-time student', considering students enrolled in credit bank systems.


Housing-related surveys may ask about the size of the residence in square meters. For example:

  • 'Under 30 square meters'
  • '30-60 square meters'
  • '60-120 square meters'
  • '120-180 square meters'
  • '180-300 square meters'
  • 'Over 300 square meters'

Questions about the living environment may include whether the residence is owned or rented and the number of residents (including the respondent). The maximum option can be '6 or more'. Questions about cohabitants can include 'Partner or spouse', 'Children', 'Other relatives', etc. For children, the options can be detailed as follows:

  • 'Children aged 0-3'
  • 'Children aged 4-7'
  • 'Children aged 8-13'
  • 'Children aged 14-19'
  • 'Children aged 20 and over'


Questions about annual household income can be set as follows:

  • 'Less than 20 million KRW'
  • '20 million KRW to less than 40 million KRW'
  • '40 million KRW to less than 60 million KRW'
  • '60 million KRW to less than 80 million KRW'
  • '80 million KRW to less than 100 million KRW'
  • 'Over 100 million KRW'

By using such question formats, surveys can address more comprehensive and sensitive topics, reflecting the diverse circumstances of respondents.

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