Kimoon International, a trading company specializing in natural and functional food ingredients

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Kimoon International is a trading company specializing in natural and functional food ingredients, playing a crucial role in the food industry. The company collaborates with global food ingredient manufacturers to secure high-quality ingredients, supplying them to domestic food manufacturers to support the production of consumer-oriented, top-quality food products.

Kimoon International also takes a leading role in the export and marketing sectors to enhance the global competitiveness of domestic manufacturers. These efforts significantly contribute to the development of the domestic food industry and the improvement of competitiveness in the international market.

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Website Main Content

The Kimoon International website consists of sections including 'About Us,' 'Products,' 'Partners,' 'News,' 'FAQ,' and 'Contact Us,' with a separate page supporting 'English.'

The 'Products' section is divided into seven subcategories:
- Natural Sweeteners
- Organic Ingredients
- Diet Ingredients
- Natural Extracts
- Functional Ingredients
- Flavors
- Other Ingredients



Kimoon International collaborates with global food ingredient manufacturers. Below are the key partners, their main products, and website information:

Company Country Product Website
Galam Israel Crystalline Fructose
Lipoid Switzerland Lecithins, Phospholipids
Sipal Belgium Organic Dextrin
K. Deuring GmbH Austria Organic Monodehydrate (Glucose)
Kaiho Co., Ltd. Japan Calcium
Tailijie Co., Ltd. China Polydextrose
Xingxing Group China Non-GMO Soybean Germ
Shandong Baolingbao Biotechnological Co., Ltd. China Oligosaccharide, Dextrin
Montecitrus Group Brazil Organic Orange
Sanrisil Brazil Natural Vitamin C, Herb Extract Powder, Cascarasagrada
ENZAFOODS New Zealand Organic Apple, Pear, Kiwi

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