Adobe Flash Player support has ended.

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Recently, when you run the Chrome web browser, a message saying "Flash Player is no longer supported after December 2020" appears.

As announced by its creator Adobe back on July 25, 2017, as planned, support and distribution of Flash will be discontinued starting at the end of 2020.

Link to Adobe Flash Player Support End Information Page
Flash & The Future of Interactive Content
Saying goodbye to Flash in Chrome

As a result, elements that have been implemented using Flash on websites will need to be gradually transitioned to standard web technologies based on HTML5.
Some commonly used Flash technologies on websites include:

1. Global navigation (top menu)
2. Main page visual images
3. Subpage header images
4. Banners, pop-ups
5. Video players

If the technology used on the website is Flash-based, it will display as follows on the Chrome web browser.


To check in Internet Explorer, when you right-click on the respective element, a window like the following will appear.


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