Criteria for choosing web hosting, costs, and recommended providers

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Web hosting is a service that rents out the necessary web servers for operating websites or online stores and provides maintenance on behalf of the user.
Building your own web server and connecting it to the internet requires high costs and technical skills, so many individuals and businesses use web hosting service providers.

Storage Space and Traffic Capacity

The most important factors when choosing web hosting are the storage space and traffic capacity.
Storage space is needed to store files and DB data such as documents and images on your site.
Unless your site has a lot of videos or images, a few hundred MB to a few GB should be sufficient.

Traffic is the total amount of data transferred to site visitors.
For example, if a page made up of 1MB of images and files is viewed by 1,000 people, the traffic generated is 1,000MB (1GB).
Traffic is usually limited in total amount per day or month.


Web Hosting Costs

Many websites and online stores have around a hundred visitors per day and only a few hundred MB of data at the start of the service.
For a site of this scale, choosing a web hosting plan with about 1GB of storage space and twice the storage space in traffic capacity is enough.

For example, 'Cafe24' offers a similar plan for 1,100 KRW per month, and 'Gabia' offers it for 4,500 KRW per month.
It's hard to compare simply because the configurations and specifications of the two companies' products differ, but the important point is that the cost is not very high.

Recently, web hosting plans can be easily upgraded to higher plans if more storage space or traffic capacity is needed.
Therefore, there is no need to choose an expensive plan from the beginning.


Linux, PHP, MySQL

There are various web hosting plans based on the operating system of the web server, such as Linux servers and Windows servers, and based on the development language, such as JSP or node.js-based servers.
In many cases, choosing a plan that supports PHP development language on a Linux operating system is sufficient.
If you have outsourced your site development, be sure to consult with the developer when choosing a web hosting plan.

Web Hosting Providers

As mentioned above, 'Cafe24' and 'Gabia' are excellent in terms of company size, service stability and quality, and customer support.
Both companies are listed companies and have been providing services for quite a long time, and the costs are relatively low, so they are recommended.

In addition, there are several domestic companies and foreign companies that support Korean, such as Godaddy.
There are also cloud-based computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Naver Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, which are widely used.
If a general web hosting service is insufficient and you need to operate a dedicated server, it is highly recommended to consider these options.


Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service that allows you to use email with your desired domain.
In other words, instead of using an account from a mail service like or, you can create an email account with your own domain.

When you apply for web hosting, it usually includes free email hosting.
However, the capacity is small and the service quality is low, making it difficult to use, so it is better to use paid email hosting instead.
There are separate paid email hosting services operated by web hosting companies and also specialized email hosting providers.
Many people use the paid email service provided by Google Gmail as well.

Domain and Domain Name Service

A unique domain connection is essential for a site, so most web hosting companies offer domain registration and domain name services.
Domain name service connects a domain name like to a unique IP that can identify the web server.

Unless there are special circumstances, you can apply for a domain from the web hosting company and set the name server information of that company in the domain information.
The annual registration cost of a domain is around 20,000 KRW, with variations depending on the domain type and provider.

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