Gnuboard, WordPress, XpressEngine: Convenient Website Creation Tools

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When creating websites, online stores, or communities, one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods is using 'CMS'. A CMS, or Content Management System, is a web framework that gathers features such as boards, layouts, and modules.

It is beneficial to have some coding knowledge when creating with a CMS framework.
For an easy way to create a website without coding, refer to the article Create a Website by Yourself: No-Code Authoring Tools.


Gnuboard is an open-source bulletin board solution developed in Korea, based on PHP and MySQL. It offers various plugins and skins to allow users to customize easily. Gnuboard includes Youngcart, a free installable shopping mall.


One of the most widely used CMSs globally, WordPress is a free open-source solution based on PHP and MySQL. It can create various types of websites, including blogs, and offers a wide range of themes and plugins for easy customization. It also provides various SEO features to help websites rank higher in search results.

XpressEngine XE3

The upgraded version of XpressEngine XE, XE3, offers enhanced security and performance compared to its predecessor, with improved usability in mobile environments. It also has strengthened community functions, allowing for the creation of various websites such as forums, blogs, and galleries.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a static website hosting service provided by GitHub. By using GitHub Pages, you can host websites by storing static files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a GitHub repository.



Drupal is an open-source content management system written in PHP that provides various modules and themes, allowing users to implement desired functions and designs easily. It supports various databases and offers features like multilingual support, search engine optimization, and security.

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