IT and Hardware Specialist Community Sites

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IT and hardware specialist community websites are invaluable resources for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone interested in related information. These sites provide the latest tech news, product reviews, troubleshooting, and discussions. Here are some of the most notable IT and hardware specialist community websites.



A site where hardware reviews, IT news, and user community activities are vibrant. Reviews and discussions on various hardware products are conducted.

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Hardware Battle

Computers, IT, graphics cards, VGA, SSD, CPU, PSU, performance comparison, product information, price information, latest news, performance charts

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PC, computer, hardware, CPU overclocking, VGA cooler, PC tuning, case tuning, VGA

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KBD Mania

Burn brightly, fingers! The world's best keyboard club.

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Everyone's community. Started as a fan community of Sony PDA brand Clie, and transitioned to a comprehensive community.

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SLR Club

Originally started as a camera and photography community, but now covers a wide range of topics including IT and hardware, automobiles, and more.

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DC Inside

Operates various topic galleries, including hardware and IT galleries where user reviews and information are shared.

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IT Inven

A game and IT-related community where hardware reviews, technical information, and game information are actively shared.

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A community that covers a wide range of topics, with IT and hardware boards useful for sharing related information.

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